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Equinix Uses IT Tech and Spend Intelligence to Achieve Aggressive Sales Growth

Equinix Uses IT Tech and Spend Intelligence to Achieve Aggressive Sales Growth

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. They interconnect industry-leading organizations in finance, manufacturing, mobility, transportation, government, healthcare, and education across a cloud-first world.


Equinix needed to aggressively grow its business by focusing on 15,000 target accounts that would benefit from its globally interconnected platform. They had a strong value proposition but needed critical technology intelligence and IT Spend information to tailor their approach—including insights into how much the accounts spend on their networks, data management, security, web services, hardware, and operating systems. Equinix also wanted to know what related hardware and software their target accounts already had installed, and what complementary or displacing solutions they could provide.


With IT Spend and Tech Install intelligence from HG Insights, Equinix developed the detailed account strategy plans (ASPs) they still use to interact with accounts faster and establish larger deal sizes right from the start. These plans provide a detailed map of all the networking-related hardware, software, and services target accounts had. This illustrates the dramatic cost savings and performance increases that prospects could create by using an Equinix platform. ASPs also allow sales reps to approach accounts with background knowledge in order to immediately start adding value.

15,000 accounts enriched with networking spend & tech install intelligence from HG Insights


Thanks to HG Insights, Equinix could show potential cost savings to prospects, show them how to improve their network’s performance, and target and connect with prospects faster and land larger deal sizes. By providing tech intelligence, Equinix created strategic ASPs, that included a granular view of IT spend data and tech insights so their sales reps could tailor their approach based on the sophistication of the targeted account.

“Using detailed account strategy plans with IT spend and tech intelligence from HG Insights allows us to engage with prospects and customers strategically so we can have more consultative conversations, get into accounts sooner and establish a larger footprint within our chosen accounts.”
Heidi Fischer, Senior Market Development Manager, Equinix


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