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HG Insights Data Quality & Methodology

HG Insights Data Quality & Methodology

Drive actionable insights with best-in-class Technology Intelligence In a hyper-competitive market, HG’s Technology Intelligence offers some of the most compelling insights into prospective customers’ technology

Partner Intelligence
Solution Brief

Activate and expand your network of qualified partners HG Insights Partner Intelligence uses market-leading proprietary data, to surface those partners that will enhance a user’s

Small Business Data Set

Small Business Data Set Fact Sheet

Customers selling into small business markets can now leverage HG’s Small Business Data Set to uncover more business opportunities.

HG Insights Launches Platform 2.0

HG Insights Launches Platform 2.0 – With Improved Features To Help Global Companies Optimize Their Go-to-Market Motions

Improved Platform performance provides Go-To-Market teams with actionable insights for everything from strategic planning to campaign execution  SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — HG Insights, the global