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Contextual Intent: The Intent Data Game Changer

Master Class: Contextual Intent

HG Insights’ latest Master Class, Contextual Intent: The Intent Data Game Changer, explores how you can leverage intent data to create actionable strategies and change the way you prioritize and attack your market.

Barry Magee, VP, Client Transformation, and David Crossman, Global Director, Customer Solutions, explained how customers who use Contextual Intent uncover more meaningful types of intent signals by combining an intent topic signal with HG’s deep understanding of a company’s tech stack to reveal new opportunities:

  • Whitespace signal: A company is researching a product or category where they currently do not have any technology installed from that category
  • Expansion signal: A company is researching a product where we detect that they already have that product installed
  • Displacement signal: A company is researching a product where we detect that they already have a competing vendor installed

Contextual Intent Use Cases

The best part? Contextual Intent helps most departments in your organization.


What You Missed

Barry brought his background as a former HG customer and his 20+ years of establishing and optimizing data-driven strategies across various business units and industries.

Meanwhile, David’s 20+ years of experience helping customers maximize the value of data provided invaluable insights. His interactive HG Platform demo showed just how to make the most of intent data with context.

The most salient takeaway from the Master Class is that you need to understand the context around an organization’s intent data—what is causing the signal, where in the organization the signal is coming from, and why that signal has been detected. 



A Special Offer

Master Class attendees received an offer that we’d also like to share with you. Register for the Master Class recording and you’ll receive a free sample of game-changing Contextual Intent!

Choose from several custom reports to uncover contextualized intent data in your specific market and industry. Select the offer most valuable to you:

  • Companies in a select region
  • Companies in a specific industry
  • Companies searching for a specific intent topic

master class contextual intent the intent data game changer


Where To Find The Answers You Need

If you’re looking for a data-driven approach to winning your markets consistently, this Master Class is for you.


Watch Master Class

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