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The Modern Approach to Data Infrastructure

Market Report Data Infrastructure

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As technology companies face increasing pressure to hit revenue growth goals in the face of economic headwinds, data-driven decision-making has become ever more crucial.

We’re thrilled to announce our latest market report: The Modern Approach to Data Infrastructure. The report is free and was created to empower your business with insights that drive successful GTM decisions in 2023, and beyond.

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Data infrastructure can be compared to the public transportation infrastructure of a city like New York. The infrastructure goes beyond the subway and road networks (software and hardware) – it also includes the staff, resources, and physical equipment needed to keep the infrastructure running, as well as the traffic control, timetables, regulations, bus drivers and their vehicles, and even the manufacturer of the subway cars and buses themselves.

TL;DR: In this analogy, the infrastructure includes everything that touches the journey of getting from A to B using New York public transport.

Key Findings from the Data Infrastructure Report

Making decisions without data is like taking a shot in the dark. But simply having data is not enough — without a solid data infrastructure, the data is almost unusable. When businesses have access to critical data, they have the power to make informed decisions that impact all facets of the company. But with the number of data sources available growing exponentially – from ad data to user data to application data and everything in between – it is more essential than ever to be well-organized. This infrastructure provides the foundation to analyze the vast amounts of data available and use it for better decision-making; without that foundation, the data is next to useless.

Market Report Data Infrastructure
Map Key — Navy: Database Management; Green: Business Intelligence/Analytics Tools; Purple: Information Management.

In recent years, the data infrastructure landscape has evolved significantly. With constant innovation in the space, it can be overwhelming to determine where to start. This market report covers:

  • The latest approaches to data infrastructure
  • How data-forward companies are organizing their data
  • Key players in the field
  • What modern data infrastructure looks like
  • And more!

This market report presents substantial opportunities in the B2B IT market for 2023. To take a deep dive into the numbers, download your copy now! 

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