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The 2022 APM Market Report

Regardless of industry, geography, or market, businesses must be able to observe the cost, performance, and efficacy of every one of their software applications—so we created the APM report.

Regardless of industry, geography, or market, businesses must be able to observe the cost, performance, and efficacy of every one of their software applications.

The average company uses over 110 software applications. Software has become integral to business success as it trickles into every department and decision. That’s why it’s tech’s fastest-growing sector, increasing 68% over the past four years. Against this backdrop, the market for products that monitor software performance has grown alongside. We wanted to uncover the trends driving this growth—so HG Insights has taken a deeper look and created the 2022 APM Market Report

In this report, you will get insights into:

  • Trends driving the growth of APM
  • The adoption of APM across regions and company sizes
  • Today’s leading APM providers
  • The top prospects and biggest opportunities for cloud sellers

Key Takeaways from the 2022 APM Market Report

According to HG Insights data, cloud buyers are spending nearly $9 billion annually on APM, with the North America and Europe, the Middle East, & Africa regions making up 43% and 31% of spend, respectively.


Modern APM is an application-centric performance monitoring solution that cross-cuts other IT tiers, including network, physical, and virtual infrastructure; storage and databases; and more.


The majority of companies undergoing digital transformation put the customer at the center of those efforts. APM tools provide greater visibility into the customer experience.


As global industries moved online during the pandemic, companies rapidly increased their need for IT infrastructure, including APM.

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This $9 billion dollar market is brimming with significant opportunities for APM vendors to capture market share with competitive offerings.

You’ve come to the right place for insights into the APM market: trends driving growth, adoption rates across regions and company sizes, and the top prospects and opportunities for cloud sellers.

About HG Insights

HG Insights, the provider of data-driven insights to 75% of tech companies in the Fortune 100, is your go-to-market Technology Intelligence partner.

We use advanced insights into Technology Intelligence — on IT spend, technographics, cloud usage, intent signals, Functional Area Intelligence, contract details, and AI maturity — to provide global B2B companies with a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the indexing of billions of unstructured documents each day with insights into product adoption, usage, spend data, and more to build high-resolution maps of activity across an organization’s entire digital infrastructure to power business decisions with precision and confidence.

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