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Go-To-Market Planning: Productive Growth Vs. Growth At All Costs

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Go-To-Market Planning: Productive Growth Vs. Growth At All Costs

Overarching strategy is the most important decision facing any business

It’s always important to make good decisions—regardless of the economy—but in the current climate, with cuts to both headcounts and budgets, you need to optimize your Go-To-Market motions to be as pragmatic and efficient as possible. It’s time to focus your resources on activities with the biggest impact and cut everything else—especially when it comes to your gut feeling. You need great data to get the insights you need to make the best decisions. 

The Art & Science of Go-To-Market Planning

Our recent Master Class revealed how to remove subjectivity and put data—on technology installations, IT spend, and buyer intent—at the heart of your decision-making around: 

  • Which markets should you focus on? 
  • Which accounts should you prioritize? 
  • How should you optimize territories?
  • Where should you allocate sales headcount? 
  • Which partners should you align with?
  • Which marketing channels should you invest in?

Master Class Speakers

Master Class Speakers

Watch On-Demand Now!

Click here to watch a recording of this important Master Class and hear from our diverse panel of subject matter experts from business intelligence, sales, operations, and marketing.


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