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HG Insights Launches Functional Area Intelligence™

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HG Insights Launches Functional Area Intelligence™
HG Insights Launches Functional Area Intelligence™, Delivering the First Actionable Insights to Support Hypertargeting Within Organizations

New AI-driven model identifies departments and locations using specific technologies

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – HG Insights, the global leader in market intelligence for technology vendors, announced today the introduction of HG Functional Area Intelligence, a patent-pending solution1 that identifies where detected technologies are used on both a departmental and location-specific level within an organization. This solution provides customers with detailed, data-driven intelligence to support sales and marketing teams on their quest for greater efficiency.

HG Insights mines technology signals associated with companies from billions of unstructured and semi-structured documents. Built with patent-pending innovations1, this new solution includes a machine learning text classifier to identify the area of the organization, i.e. marketing, sales ops, IT, etc., associated with the technology signals. These areas are associated with the technology referenced at a particular company, location, and timestamp. If the confidence meets a customizable threshold, the signals are aggregated and delivered to our customers for immediate activation. An example of insights include addressing the challenge of determining where in an organization installed products are used. Armed with this knowledge, Go-To-Market teams can develop targeted competitive campaigns connecting the organization, key location, and technology information, enhancing program effectiveness to drive revenue.

Market intelligence is crucial for a company’s growth. According to recent McKinsey & Company research, businesses using data-driven B2B sales-growth engines report above-market growth and EBITDA increases between 15–25 percent.2 HG Insights continues to provide intelligence that powers sales and marketing teams, now with an additional layer provided by our new solution.

“Functional Area Intelligence is a first in the market, deriving insights about a company’s organization linked to its technology profile,” said Rob Fox, CTO. “By providing actionable data at the departmental level, we’re enabling companies to better understand technology adoption across teams and locations. This increases the ability to better optimize territories, hypertarget marketing campaigns, and build better account plans across sales. We’re committed to improving insights for sellers and marketers so they can close more deals, and this is a step in that direction.”

Functional Area Intelligence is available globally to customers through the HG Universe data subscription, where data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision makers can tap into this intelligence to improve their operational efficiency.

Provided as a monthly or quarterly data subscription, key features of HG Insights’ Functional Area Intelligence include:

  • Department tied to a particular technology and specific location
  • Summary and detailed location views included
  • Department size prediction down to the location
  • Trend analysis to show department adoption changes over time

Learn more about HG Insights expertise in Functional Area Intelligence here.

About HG Insights

HG Insights, global provider in data-driven insights to 8/10 Fortune 100® B2B tech companies, is your Go-To-Market intelligence partner.

We use advanced insights into technology intelligence on installations, spend, and contract details to provide B2B companies a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the most comprehensive technographics in the industry, which index billions of unstructured documents each day to produce a detailed census of the technologies companies use to run their businesses.

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Taylor Viens
Marketing & Digital Communications Manager
HG Insights


1 HG Insights, Entity Functional Area and Product Use Identification. Patent Application No. 506541864, March 8, 2021.
The Mckinsey & Company, Insights to impact: Creating and sustaining data-driven commercial growth, January 2022.

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