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HG Wrapped 2023:
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2023 has been a banner year for us at HG. As it comes to a close, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on the year. With so many new HG Insights products and projects it can be hard to keep track! So, we created this to help you continue to get the most out of your ongoing partnership with us! 

If you’re here, you are a business innovator. You understand the importance of using data to guide your decision-making. You’re also committed to using data in a way that benefits yourself, your team, and your customers. It is our mission to help you do so. Take a look at the many innovations and HG Insights products and updates we have delivered in 2023!

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We thank you for your support in 2023, here’s to an amazing 2024!
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Innovative New Products

Here’s a look back at all the HG Insights products we launched in 2023 to help our users on their Technology Intelligence journey.


A new version of Salesforce Connector was released including new features to support integration directly with the HG Insights Platform, enabling customers to have a more enhanced experience within the Salesforce organization with real-time data to navigate rapidly changing markets. Enhancements include: Whitespace identification; advanced scoring and filtering; and linkage to our Contextual Intent and Cloud Dynamics solutions. Learn more in the Salesforce Connector Resource Center.


LinkedIn Connector allows users to create customized audience segments to boost engagement by delivering the right messages to the best-fit audiences. With just a few clicks, customers can add HG’s company-level insights and apply technology filters to audience segments within LinkedIn Campaign Manager. These insights empower customers to deliver relevant digital advertising campaigns by targeting prospects that require their product/service on the LinkedIn platform. Learn more in the LinkedIn Connector Resource Center.


Doubled Technology Intelligence coverage with the addition of small and midsize businesses to the HG Platform — for free! The addition of the Small Business Data Set delivers an unmatched view of small and midsize markets enabling decision-making with precision and confidence. This addition is part of our ongoing strategy to bring all offline insights into the solution to fuel new business opportunities for go-to-market teams and decision-making across all departments.


Functional Area Intelligence adds to the HG Platform’s multi-layered Technology Intelligence approach with location and department data added to existing insights on IT spend, technology installations, cloud usage, intent signals, and contract information. This new feature enables users to better understand technology adoption across teams and locations even down to the decision-maker or key influencer level. With Functional Area Intelligence in the HG Platform, HG Insights has taken an important step to unify its data insights into a centralized solution to help customers drive market and account opportunities.


GenAI Navigator was launched in October to help customers understand a business’ AI maturity, cloud centricity, and generative AI interest. By helping customers identify businesses whose technology stack indicates they’re ready to take the leap into generative AI we enhance go-to-market outcomes, GenAI Navigator is available as an early adopter incentive to current customers through December.


Partner Intelligence was recently launched to enable customers to accurately identify partners that have a proven track record of success. Partner data surfaces prospective partners with a high hit rate for the resale of specified products. With these key insights users can focus their resources to engage with the most valuable and profitable partner relationships.

HG Insights Product Enhancements To Provide Greater Insights to Customers

You spoke, we listened. Here, you’ll find the many product advancements and enhancements we implemented this year.

Quickstart Account Scoring

Quickstart Account Scoring enables you to quickly develop a foundational, data-driven account scoring profile. This enhancement utilizes 5 automated scoring types — Product, Revenue, Employees, Geography, and Industry — to generate a scoring profile. You can then collaborate with a Customer Success Manager to further customize your scoring profile.

Cloud Maturity

Cloud Maturity provides a significant update to customers ability to track cloud product adoption among customizable companies of interest. This feature is also available as a scoring type for an even more granular view when identifying best-fit customers.

HG Platform Company Additions and Company Match Improvements

HG Platform Company Additions and Company Match Improvements provide customers with more data on their markets. We’ve nearly tripled the number of companies available with the addition of small to midsize businesses, so you get a comprehensive view of your markets and can improve your overall match rates on HG Platform.

Contextual Intent Collections

Contextual Intent Collections has made onboarding into our Contextual Intent solutions easier, enabling you to quickly gather key intent insights with pre-selected collections by topic.

Market Intelligence Custom IT Spend Categories

Market Intelligence Custom IT Spend Categories brings a whole new level of detail to customers seeking to understand their markets. Working with our team of data scientists, you can develop custom market categories designed for your specific industry and market.

FAI Scoring, Filtering, and Roles

FAI Scoring, Filtering, and Roles enables you to incorporate Functional Area Intelligence into your Ideal Customer Profiles through HG Platform filters, enhance scoring profiles with location and departmental data, and gives your visibility into product usage by specific roles within specific departments.

FAI in Market Intelligence

FAI in Market Intelligence provides deeper insights into markets by giving you the ability to understand market penetration of a product at the department and role level. This enhancement makes Functional Area Intelligence available Platform-wide.

Weighted Intensity

Weighted Intensity is a significant improvement to HG’s intensity metric when multiple products in a competitive group are present. You can now better distinguish the most relevant products in a competitive group at a company.

Whitespace in Platform & Market Intelligence

Whitespace in Platform & Market Intelligence is a new feature that allows you to discover new opportunities, accounts, and markets in Opportunity Generator and Market Intelligence.

Install Mapping for Market Intelligence

Install Mapping for Market Intelligence enables you to configure whether you want to see installs mapped to a company’s country or view installs at a global scale — giving you a more specific view of parent and child companies.

Multiple Account Scoring Profiles

Multiple Account Scoring Profiles allows you to create and toggle between multiple account scoring profiles. This makes it easier than ever to prioritize accounts based on different use cases.

Data Quality and Expansion Summary

Our Data Solutions teams work tirelessly to bring the most complete, robust, and high-quality data into our products and solutions. Check out the numbers behind our world-class Technology Intelligence here!


Data Quality and Expansion Summary

Our Data Solutions teams work tirelessly to bring the most complete, robust, and high-quality data into our products and solutions. Check out the numbers behind our world-class Technology Intelligence here!


Entities updated to date
0 K
Validated company URLs
0 K+
New available company hierarchies
0 K+
Updated company descriptions
0 K+

Technographic Data Expansion and Updates

Documents reviewed to validate product install context
0 M+
New products added to the HG database
0 +
New vendor-to-product relationships identified
0 +
companies tracked across 236 countries
0 M+

GenAI Navigator

Products actively under evaluation for AI tracking
0 +
AI products tracked
0 +

Functional Area Intelligence

Job titles assigned to corresponding functional areas
0 M+
Company locations with decision makers identified
0 K+
Titles assigned to functional area roles
0 M+
Documents reviewed for our Machine Learning Model
0 +

Contextual Intent

New intent topics
0 +
New intent topic collections
0 +
Updated topics with intent context
0 +

Keeping Customers Up-to-Date With Accurate Spend Dynamics

Our Data Science team carefully curates our spend model for our customers to have a realistic view of forecasted spend behavior.

The HG Insights IT Spend Model uses a data-driven approach to define spend projections, based on an underlying algorithm that is also informed by external data sets and inputs, and triangulated against additional vendor data and data providers.

To ensure we generate reliable data at the individual and market levels, we evaluate and update the model on a bi-annual basis to incorporate current market conditions that may impact spend behavior.

In this way we aim to always provide the most up-to-date and relevant view of a company’s projected spend behavior for the upcoming 12 months to our customers; our most recent model was updated in October 2023. Customers can be assured that they are looking at a carefully defined view of spend as they develop their GTM strategy.

Protecting Customers With The Highest Level Of Security

This year we completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification, further validating our focus on security and compliance, demonstrating a major milestone for the company!

HG has continued to focus on security compliance with the successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification, a milestone achievement.  The SOC 2 is an auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA). Successful completion of the SOC 2 Type II audit further validates HG Insights’ focus on security and compliance, demonstrating a major milestone for the company.

SOC 2 defines criteria for managing customer data based on five “trust service principles”: Security; Availability; Processing; integrity; Confidentiality; and PrivacyCertification demonstrates our ability to not only implement critical security policies but also prove compliance over an extended period of time.

SOC-2-Type-2 Badge

New Resources To Accelerate and Facilitate Customer Adoption

This year, HG Insights introduced exciting new initiatives to make it easier for our users to adopt our world-class Technology Intelligence solutions. Learn more about HG Insider LIVE, Get Started Videos, Release Notes, What’s New Videos, and Best Practices Guides through the HG Resource Center.


New Resources To Accelerate and Facilitate Customer Adoption

HG Insider LIVE monthly events

HG Insider LIVE monthly events are a great source of information to support your team’s ongoing product knowledge. Each month one of our product experts explores a topic to help customers get the most out of HG, enable you with ongoing product adoption, and answer questions to support your teams. 

Get Started Videos

Get Started Videos are a library of onboarding resources to get your teams up and running quickly. These videos are aligned to new enhancements in the application, new products and solutions, and are designed to help your teams with product adoption. They are a great way to stay current with new features and adopt them into your team’s workflows to get the most value of HG products and solutions. You can view these in the HG Resource Center.

Release Notes and What’s New Videos

Release Notes and What’s New Videos are a great resource to support your ongoing learnings and adoption.   What’s New Videos provide you with just-in-time instruction for major enhancements as they are released. These new resources are included in the HG Resource Center which you can find directly within the application or linking directly to our Release Notes & What’s New Videos page.

Best Practices Guides

Best Practices Guides support ongoing product adoption of our users. These guides will easily equip your teams with the ability to adopt this new feature with ease. All Best Practices Guides are available in the HG Resource Center.

Product Newsletters

Product Newsletters are shared with customers  on a monthly basis. This is another resource to learn about recent enhancements and keep up with ongoing product and data subscription changes throughout the year, as these changes occur. They are available in the HG Resource Center for ongoing reference.

Commendations For Providing Unparalleled Value to Customers

This year HG was hailed as the authority in Technology Intelligence by numerous publications, and we’ve picked up many leading business and industry awards along the way!
Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

For the second year in a row, HG Insights makes the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list. The award recognizes the top 1% of privately held companies in the nation and provides a unique look at the most successful companies within their markets.

G2’s Winter 2023 Momentum Grid®

HG was named in the top 25% of all Sales Intelligence and Market Account Intelligence providers on G2’s Winter 2024 Momentum Grid® — a testament to our promising YoY growth and the trust our customers place in HG’s data-driven insights. HG’s inclusion on the G2 Momentum Grid, in addition to regional, market size, and solution-specific grids, illustrates the company’s commitment to being a product-led organization. Learn more about this achievement and competitive positioning from G2 directly.

G2 Leader Winter 2024 Marketing Account Intelligence
Sales And Marketing "Sammy" Award for best-in-class Technology Intelligence

The Sammy Awards recognize global leaders, technologies, and organizations creating solutions to overcome the obstacles companies face connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers. Lauded for unmatched “Insights and Analysis,” this win solidified HG’s position as a leading market and account intelligence provider and authority in Technology Intelligence.

HG Insights Wins ‘Sammy’ Award For Outstanding Technology In Sales And Marketing
Women Impact Tech
Women Impact Tech recognized HG Insights among the Top 100 companies for our contributions in helping women in technology progress and thrive in their careers.
HG Insights proudly announces its victory at the esteemed 8th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for American Business.
Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards

HG’s Market Intelligence solution won Gold for Sales & Marketing Intelligence of the Year and our game-changing Opportunity Generator solution won Silver for Business Intelligence Innovation of the Year.

HG Insights Granted Its First Patent

Invention identifies comparable sections of resumes and predicts which ones pertain to the same individual.

PatentedTechnology Intelligence leader HG Insights has recently been granted its first patent (US 11,829,386 B2). Titled “Identifying Anonymized Resume Corpus Data Pertaining to the Same Individual,” this invention leverages novel Machine Learning and NLP techniques to accurately group similar resume snippets together and predict which are the same person despite natural changes that occur over time. Once a cluster of documents is predicted to be the same individual, many applicable use cases are then applied to the data, for example:

  • Improving granularity of technology adoption over time. To better predict based on the document cluster what technology changes have occurred based on the lineage of the documents concerning changes referenced within the documents (ie. changes detected over time). These subtle detections are impossible to make without this invention. The overall aggregation of technology detection for a given company over time is therefore improved.
  • Better predict company growth changes, department sizes, and geographical workforce shifts – over time. Using other HG Insights inventions, including Functional Area Intelligence (patent pending) — to predict departments and roles, it is now possible to reconstruct with more accuracy the shape of a company at any point in time, providing the core assets needed to go beyond simple firmographics (such as current estimated employee count).

This patent is one of six other patents pending related to innovations the team at HG Insights has created, demonstrating the commitment to excellence in innovation for market-leading Technology Intelligence insights.