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HG Insights Enhances Salesforce Integration for More Precise Targeting

HG Salesforce Connector bidirectional integration enables effective targeting by connecting selected company data to a Salesforce organization

HG Salesforce Connector bidirectional integration enables effective targeting by connecting selected company data to a Salesforce organization

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HG Insights®, the global leader in technology intelligence, has updated its Salesforce integration application with its recently-launched Platform 2.0. The improved HG Salesforce Connector integrates directly with the HG Insights Platform, enabling customers to have a more enhanced experience within the Salesforce organization with real-time data to navigate rapidly changing markets. 

HG Salesforce Connector provides powerful insights into the technologies a company uses, enabling customers to decide which companies are the best fit for their product or solution, uncover new business opportunities, make better business decisions, and craft hyper-targeted approaches. Users can activate HG Insights in Salesforce natively, extending their current work processes, to optimize their Go-To-Market motions. 

78% of marketers say their customer engagement is data-driven and use up to 12 data sources to obtain customer data (1). For a competitive advantage in today’s market, businesses need to enrich the data within their Salesforce organization with accurate firmographic and technology intelligence. But with legacy data enrichment tools, the average match rate is around 60-70% (2). With HG Insights, businesses can expect a 90% match rate alongside the market-leading technology intelligence in Platform 2.0. Ultimately, HG customers will be able to better understand their market and grow their business by activating information directly within their CRM.

HG Salesforce Connector is an easy-to-use integration with a quick setup that’s almost like pushing a button within the new HG Insights Platform. Customers can easily leverage HG Insights’ high-quality technology intelligence to target companies with the highest propensity to buy, then operationalize that data in Salesforce. 

Operationalize Quality Data and Drive Quality Results 

HG Insights gives customers access to industry-leading, quality datasets with broad coverage on 12 million companies and 15,000+ installed technologies. Then, HG Insights Salesforce Connector runs the customer’s account and lead lists against our thousands of data points that allow our platform to identify companies with the highest propensity to buy based on various technology products. 

Integrating your Salesforce organization with the HG Insights Platform allows you to:

  • Identify and reach prospects most likely to buy much earlier in the buying journey, even before competitors are aware of the prospect’s interest
  • Run hyper-targeted campaigns to dynamic audiences, driven by insights about which companies will benefit most from your solution, whether your solution is complementary or competitive to whatever tech the prospect already has
  • Equip and enable sales teams to target companies with the highest propensity to buy

“We are building on the continued focus of our flagship solution, HG Platform, with this updated integration to Salesforce,” says Rob Fox, HG Insights’ CTO. “This enhancement is a new evolution of our Salesforce integration, with the experience included within the HG Platform solution. Including  this key integration, extends the HG platform to provide our customers with an experience that supports their current team operations.”

“For many of today’s sales and marketing teams, Salesforce serves as a central work center,” says Darcy Moss, Director of Product Marketing. “By connecting HG Insights’ high-quality data to Salesforce, we’re enabling sales and marketing professionals to support  account and campaign targeting to operationalize Insights that drive improved outcomes.”

Key Features of the Salesforce Connector Solution

  • Ease of Use and Quick Onboarding: Salesforce Connector lets you seamlessly sync selected data to your existing Salesforce organization to get up and running in minutes and avoid the hassle of traditional integrations.
  • HG Data Access Within a Salesforce Organization: Access to an industry-leading, quality dataset that includes broad coverage with access to 15,000+ installed technologies. Companies can share HG data across their teams within their Salesforce organization. 
  • Configuration: Users are able to select which products they’re interested in viewing to help them to better understand their target markets. 
  • Industry-Leading Company Match Logic: Our match rates average 90% to enable efficient uploading of target data to the Salesforce organization.

Whether you’re trying to decide which companies will be the best fit for your product or solution, seeking to uncover new business opportunities, or simply want to provide your teams with the highest quality data, the HG Insights Salesforce Connector will significantly improve your sales targeting and outcomes.

Learn more about the HG Insights Platform here. Follow HG Insights on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.


(1) Salesforce State of Marketing Reports, November 2021.

(2) “Data Enrichment”, Marcom Robot, August 30, 2022.

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