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Finalist: Dick Reed Awards

HG Insights is pleased to announce our inclusion as a finalist for the Best Regional Partner (EMEA) at the 2022 Dick Reed Awards.

HG Insights is pleased to announce our inclusion as a finalist for the Best Regional Partner (EMEA) at the 2022 Dick Reed Awards.

In just the third year of this major agency award, HG Insights earned its second consecutive nomination for excellence in innovation, collaboration, and beyond. According to the judges of the prestigious award, “the competition this year is fierce.” Out of over 200 media platforms, publishers, and data providers considered, only 30% moved to the final stage. This year’s awards feature 10 categories and other finalists include leading technology brands like Google, LinkedIn, Meta (formerly Facebook) and more.

Best Regional Partner Award Finalist

The diverse regions that make up EMEA vary greatly in terms of technology infrastructure, adoption, and growth.

HG Insights was shortlisted for a “nuanced understandings of regional behaviors, trends, and technologies, these companies provide the greatest support and expertise within specific global theatres.”

In addition to EMEA, HG Insights’ invaluable solutions allow you to size markets around the world. With the Market Intelligence tool, HG customers can accurately estimate a global, regional, or account-level:

  • Tech installs
    • Uncover 120+ million installed technologies, specific hardware, and software products that companies are using, including those ‘behind the firewall”
  • IT spend
    • Profile 740,000 global organizations and forecasting 140+ sub-segments of IT spend at a global, regional, and country level
  • Contract renewals
    • Track 32,000 IT software and services contracts giving a unique view of spending in granular areas of IT
  • Firmographics
    • Discover data and technology intelligence on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products, solutions, and services
  • Contextual Intent data
    • Get insights into intent data that is triangulated, enriched, and scored for precision, signal strength, and accuracy from nearly 2 billion intent records each week with the only intent data provider that contextualizes intent based on a company’s firmographic and technographic profile
  • Functional Area Intelligence 
    • Understand where detected technologies are used on both a departmental and location-specific levels within an organization
  • Other customizable criteria 

HG’s Award-winning Technology

This intelligence underpins several HG use cases, empowering customers to: 

  • Target regions with prospects most likely to buy
  • Identify untapped market potential with whitespace analysis across markets and regions
  • Identify vendor penetration to find threats, trends, and opportunities
  • Allocate resources and territories more efficiently for sales and marketing campaigns

With our precise, quality data HG customers can remove subjectivity, efficiently allocate resources, target the right prospects, prioritize the right accounts, increase revenue, and most importantly, act with confidence. 

With our award-winning technologies, HG customers go on to win awards in their own companies and industries. 

Want to work on a market-leading team? 

Learn more about our many employee benefits and career openings here.

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