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HG Use Case: Develop Targeted Sales Motions With Functional Area Intelligence

Develop Targeted Sales Motions With Functional Area Intelligence

Functional Area Intelligence from HG delivers powerful insights down to the departmental level!

In this step-by-step video, Maria Hernandez-Venegas, Product Marketing Manager, demonstrates how Functional Area Intelligence adds to the HG Platform’s multi-layered Technology Intelligence approach with location and department data added to existing insights on IT spend, technology installations, cloud usage, intent signals, and contract information.

Functional Area Intelligence is available globally to customers through the HG Platform and the HG Universe data subscription, where data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision-makers can tap into this intelligence to improve their operational efficiency.

HG Insights’ Functional Area Intelligence Includes:

  • Access to best-in-class quality data: HG’s insights combines Technology Intelligence and intent data with Functional Area Intelligence to provide powerful insights down to the departmental level
  • Insights down to location: HG is the first data provider to uncover organizational insights down to a location and provide Technology Intelligence to target campaigns within an organization
  • Identify decision-makers and influencers: Locate key decision-makers and influencers at specific locations to shorten the sales cycle and improve conversion rates
  • Analyze technologies at the department level: Technology-specific predictions down to the department level to optimize sales motions
  • Trending analysis: Insights by department that track product adoption over time and pinpoint targeting to a more exacting level
  • Optimize sales resources: Efficiently allocate sales resources with up-to-date account intelligence

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