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HG Use Case: Tracking Tech Installs to Unlock Opportunities

Tracking Tech Installs to Unlock Opportunities
Tracking tech stacks, installation, and usage rates with the HG Platform

In this step-by-step video, Henry Hedeen, Partnership Manager, shows how the HG Platform allows you to track technology usage across geographies down to the specific product level to reveal competitive and complementary opportunities!

This video walks you through the capabilities of one specific aspect of the HG Platform — installs —through the lens of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Inc. The Installs tab on the HG Platform let’s you see and filter by installs and technology usage across different geographies. In this global organization, you can dive into how usage and users of those technologies may vary, or even how their tech stack changes from country to country (And you can get one step further, down to the departmental level, with Functional Area Intelligence!).

Uncovering Opportunities

As you can see, the usage and users of those technologies vary — even within the same business. This uncovers invaluable insights for sellers and marketers—especially when in thinking about digital transformation and migration efforts. Then, you can track usage rates over time and visualize them with trend lines. These intensity trends give you insights into quarter-over-quarter percentage changes and other usage momentum metrics.

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