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HG Use Case: Uncovering Ecommerce Opportunities

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uncovering ecommerce opportunities with HG Insights
Leveraging Ecommerce Market Intelligence To Accelerate Growth

With $18.7 billion in revenue up for grabs, leveraging ecommerce market intelligence can help you uncover accounts with the highest likelihood to buy your products. In this step-by-step video, Brett Castonguay, Customer Success Manager, shows how HG’s best-in-class Market Intelligence deep dives into the ecommerce market to reveal opportunities in this sector.

The HG Market Intelligence platform enables users to see which companies are using specific ecommerce platforms and drill down into spend categories to pinpoint where the best opportunities lie. Our Functional Area Intelligence (FAI) illustrates in granular detail where usage signals are coming from by company location, department, product, and more. Choose from more than 9000 intent topics to understand where a user is in the buyer’s journey, enabling a more effective sales and marketing strategy and personalized customer experience.

Analyze Ecommerce Market Trends

Use data-driven insights from HG to analyze ecommerce market trends, confirm the need for your product, and determine the size of your GTM opportunity:

• Identify market needs by solution, industry, region, and other customizable criteria
• Analyze competitor strengths/weaknesses
• Evaluate trends across different solutions, markets, and industries

Ready to see how it works? Request a personalized demo and let us show you the power of our ecommerce market intelligence and how we leaped an unprecedented 74 spots to become a Momentum Leader in both of G2’s Sales Intelligence and Marketing Account Intelligence categories.

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