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HG Use Case: Small Business Data Set

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Use case video small business data set

780K new small and midsize business records added to the HG Platform!

In this step-by-step video, Maria Hernandez-Venegas, Product Marketing Manager, demonstrates how customers are now able to leverage the power of the HG Platform to uncover small and mid-sized business market opportunities and optimize potential revenue streams.

The Small Business Data Set is curated for small business coverage, selected from billions of records, to ensure small and midsize businesses are included in the HG Platform. Key benefits include:

  • Double the records on the HG Platform, with 780K new small and midsize business records added to the existing data set
  • Additional coverage including data across 200+ countries, 7.4 million global product installs, and 1.1 billion intent signals with context
  • Quality data-driven insights, without the noise, so customers can plan sales strategies for their small and midsize business markets
No Extra Cost For HG Platform Customers

The addition of the Small Business Data Set with no extra cost for HG Platform customers is part of HG Insights’ strategy to bring all of its offline insights into the solution to fuel new business opportunities for Go-To-Market teams and decision-making across all departments within an organization.


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