HG for Marketo

Fuel revenue growth with campaigns powered by technographics

Build smarter marketing programs

Enhance your marketing automation programs with HG Insights’ account intelligence to build smarter campaigns that increase engagement, qualified leads, and revenue. Quickly enrich incoming leads to identify which technologies they are currently using to ensure they receive messaging that is customized and relevant.

Drive campaign performance

  • Hyper-Targeted segmentations: Build campaign segments based on technographic profiles that can identify the relevant technology products currently in use.
  • Technographic scoring: Prioritize leads for sales and marketing outreach by identifying the leads with the highest propensity to buy.
  • High relevancy messaging: Craft messaging that resonates with the exact pain-points and challenges faced by your prospects based on their current tech stack.
  • Mobilize faster: React to changing market conditions and industry news with laser-focused marketing campaigns that are relevant and timely.

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