Energize Your Marketo Campaigns With Technology Intelligence

HG for Marketo allows you to better target, score, and nurture high value prospects by identifying the technologies they are currently using
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Build Smarter Campaigns

Enhance your marketing automation programs with HG Insights’ account intelligence to build smarter campaigns that increase engagement, qualified leads, and revenue.

  • Focus on leads with the highest propensity to buy
  • Score records by installed technology profile
  • Target competitors’ installed base

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High Relevancy Messaging

Generate more qualified leads from your campaigns by crafting messaging that is specific to the exact pain-points and challenges faced by your prospects.

  • Identify accounts with specific strategies and initiatives
  • Craft messaging that highlights your competitive strengths
  • Inform customers of your latest integrations

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Prioritize the Right Leads

Avoid wasted time and effort by scoring and prioritizing leads for sales and marketing outreach by identifying the leads with the highest propensity to buy based on the technologies they currently use.

  • Better qualify inbound leads by technology profile
  • Route best-fit leads to the right sales team
  • Improve marketing and sales alignment

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Integrate Directly with Marketo

Get up and running quickly with HG Insights’ Marketo Launchpoint integration that makes using technology intelligence to builder more engaging campaigns easier than ever.

  • Webhooks allow you to quickly enrich new inbound leads
  • Use technology intelligence in Smart Lists and Smart Campaigns
  • Stay up to date with monthly refreshed insights

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Flexible Solutions

Make HG Insights’ technology intelligence your competitive advantage for you strategy, marketing, and sales teams.

HG Insights Platform

The most advanced technology intelligence platform.

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HG for Salesforce

Deep technology intelligence directly in Salesforce CRM.

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HG for LinkedIn

Hyper-targeted audiences for LinkedIn Campaigns.

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