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Strategy Teams

Identify which markets to enter, which products to build, where to allocate scarce resources

strategy teams

Help strategy teams accelerate customers
time to value

Understand the size, shape, and structure of your markets so you can:

  • Size markets by IT spend, tech installs, firmographics, and other customizable criteria
  • Analyze vendor penetration to find threats, trends, and opportunities
  • Allocate resources and territories more efficiently
    Identify untapped market potential with whitespace analysis
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territory planning

Optimize Sales Territories

Get the upper hand on territory planning by ensuring your account executives target the prospects most likely to buy and find your Ideal Customer Profile in every market.

insight-driven strategies

Allocate Resources To Match Opportunity

Develop insight-driven strategies that ensure proper resource allocation based on revenue potential and accounts with adequate budgets and compatible technology stacks.

Prospects with highest propensity to buy
Global Targeting
size revenue potential

Prioritize The Right Accounts In The Right Markets

Quickly identify and size the revenue potential of global markets.
Gain insights into your competitors’ installed technology base and displacement potential.

drive alignment and efficiency

Displace competitors

Size the revenue potential of global markets based on the relevant budgets and technology profiles of the companies they are comprised of. Prioritize and align your sales and marketing efforts to drive alignment and efficiency.

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