Discover Your True Ideal Customer Profile

Utilize technology intelligence such as IT spend and technology purchase behavior to analyze your top customers and better define your true Ideal Customer Profile.
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Prioritize Revenue Potential

Focus on the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and greatest revenue potential for your company. Avoid wasting valuable marketing and sales resources on accounts without adequate budgets or incompatible technology stacks.

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Find Strategic Intent

Does your ideal customer have a multi-cloud strategy, ABM program, or use outdated hardware? Dig into deep insights on how a company operates by seeing what technologies they use.

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“Tech install data from HG Insights helped us identify accounts with the right technology profile for our solutions. As a result, we can now identify the accounts that are 64% more likely to turn into closed/ won revenue”

– James Schoensiegel, Global Marketing Ops Manager | Tegile, a Western Digital Brand


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Drive Sales Productivity

Technology intelligence not only helps you prioritize the accounts and leads with the highest propensity to buy, it also provides key insights into the messages and approaches that will yield best results.

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Accelerate Predictable Results

Utilizing data-driven targeting and messaging enables companies to produce more predictable outcomes and a higher ROI from their campaigns and initiatives.

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Full Funnel Solutions

Our full suite of solutions allows you to integrate technology intelligence at any stage in your customer journey.

HG Insights Platform

The HG Insights platform provides an unprecedented view into global industries, markets, and companies allowing you to identify the most valuable opportunities and build strategies to maximize your revenue and accelerate growth.

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HG for LinkedIn

Precisely target your ad-spend on companies using competitive or complementary technologies to deliver high relevancy messaging and generate more leads.

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HG for Marketo

HG for Marketo allows you to better target, score, and nurture high value prospects by identifying the technologies they are currently using.

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HG for Salesforce

Accelerate growth with world-class installed technology intelligence available directly in the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management platform.

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Insights that Fuel Growth

Utilize world-class technology intelligence to build world-class processes.

Target and Score Your Accounts

Target and score your ABM accounts by the technologies they use and how much they are spending.

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Optimize Sales Territory Planning

Build sales territories based on installed technologies and IT spend intelligence to prioritize potential revenue.

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Identify Total Addressable Market

Our referrential entity set provides and unprecidented view into companies and markets around the globe.

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Experience HG Insights

See for yourself how you can make technology intelligence your strategic advantage.

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