Ideal Customer Profile

Discover your true Ideal Customer Profile

Utilizing technographic insights such as IT spend and technology purchase behavior allows you to analyze your top customers and better define what your true Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) looks like.

Find your ideal customers

  • Go beyond firmographics – build customer profiles using deep dive account intelligence that goes beyond traditional firmographics that allow you to better understand customer buying behavior.
  • Build Technographic profiles – analyze the tech stacks and I.T. spend of your top customers and prospects and then identify new accounts with the same technographic fingerprint – allowing you to focus your efforts on accounts with the highest revenue potential.
  • Find strategic intent – does your ideal customer have a multi-cloud strategy, ABM program, or use outdated hardware? Dig into deep insights on how a company operates by seeing what technologies they use.
  • Discover complementary technologies – identify the technology solutions your best customers are using and build partnership and integration strategies that ignite opportunity.

Western Digital Uses HG Insights to Redefine Their ICP

“Tech install data helped us identify accounts with the right technology profile for our solutions. As a result, we can now identify the accounts that are 64% more likely to turn into closed won revenue.”
James Schoensiegel, Global Marketing Ops Manager | Tegile, A Western Digital Brand

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