Marketing Campaigns

Deliver marketing campaigns that ignite opportunity

Targeting and messaging campaigns with technographic insights allow marketers to design and execute programs that increase engagement, generate leads, and build pipeline so you can grow faster.

Increase engagement and accelerate growth

  • Hyper Targeted Segmentation – build segmentations based on unique IT spend and technology install profiles.
  • Convert More Leads – develop and deliver highly relevant campaigns with messaging customized to a prospects initiatives, existing solutions, and pain points.
  • Capture Opportunity – react to changing market conditions and industry news with focused campaigns that cut through the noise.
  • Actionable Insights – Execute campaigns quickly with direct integrations with and Marketo.

Bedrock Data Uses HG Insights' Technographics to Boost Engagement Rates to 2.5x Industry Average

“We recognize that it’s challenging reaching out to a new audience, but based on the targeting we can do using HG Insights technographics, we saw way above average response through email outreach — open rates, click-through rates, and engagement — in just our first month, which led to some quick sales wins for us”

Zak Pines, Vice President of Marketing | Bedrock Data

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