HG Insights for
Marketing Campaigns

Build better campaigns through advanced targeting and messaging

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing spend by customizing campaigns with the insights available through our data

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Create Campaigns That Ignite Opportunity

Segment your campaign audiences by unique IT spend and installed technology profiles allowing you to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Prospects With Highest Propensity to Buy
Develop Innovative Account Strategies

Dial In Your Campaigns

Technology intelligence enables marketing teams to develop and deliver highly relevant campaigns with messaging customized to a prospects strategic initiatives, existing solutions, and pain points.

Improve Marketing Alignment

Build alignment between sales and marketing by generating and converting leads that have the highest propensity to buy based on the technologies they currently use. Quickly identify the best fit products and messaging that is most likely to resonate and generate revenue.

Drive Account Based Marketing Alignment
Accelerate Predictable Results for your Ideal Customer Profile

Achieve Predictable Results

Utilizing data-driven targeting and messaging enables companies to produce more predictable outcomes and a higher ROI from their marketing campaigns and initiatives.


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See the size, shape, and structure of your market so you can scope your opportunities
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Hyper-targeted audiences for LinkedIn Campaigns.
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Custom hyper-targeted digital advertising segments.
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