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specialized audience segments

Increase Campaign Impact

Whether you’re working to increase lead generation, generate brand awareness, or grow prospect and customer engagement, our specialized audience segments put your ideal customers within precise reach.

  • Target accounts with the right-sized budgets for your products
  • Focus on companies with specific technology purchase behavior
  • Identify activity, future plans, and general interest in specific initiatives
Commercial Due Diligence
Target companies with relevant budgets

Go Beyond Firmographics

Build custom audiences based on the technologies companies currently use, how much they are spending, and what initiatives and priorities they are operationalizing. Target your competitor’s customers and companies with the biggest relevant budgets.

  • Direct your advertising to your competitor’s customers
  • Advertise to companies using products that integrate with yours
  • Find companies that have adequate budget for your products
more targeted and rewarding ad spend

Direct Delivery

We also make it easy to deliver these segments directly into leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), and social platforms so you can get your message in front of the right decision makers for a more targeted and rewarding ad spend.

  • Quickly action custom segments on DMPs and DSPs
  • Integrate with social platforms
Better Targeting, Better Conversion Rates with HG Insights
Focus on specific pain points

Hyper Targeted Messaging

Dramatically increase engagements and conversions by hyper targeting messaging that is specific to the exact pain-points and challenges faced by your prospects. Identify key strategic initiatives based on a company’s technology profile and align your messaging to resonate and generate opportunity.

  • Craft messages specific to a company’s technology & spend profile
  • Focus on specific pain points faced by your customers and prospects
  • Identify key strategic initiatives and priorities

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