Sales Territory Planning

Capture markets with optimized territory plans

Turn sales territory planning into a strategic advantage by ensuring your account executives target the prospects with the highest propensity to buy and match your Ideal Customer Profile in every market.

Set the right sales territories to maximize growth

  • Remove Subjectivity – Manage global territory plans and ensure sales teams are scaled and aligned with the market opportunity they are assigned
  • Deep Dive Account Intelligence – Develop winning account plans and strategies by understanding the IT spend, install, and contract renewal activity of your prospects.
  • Ramp Up Faster – Accelerate sales with targeted account packs and plans for new sales reps, new markets, or new geographies.
  • Equalize Opportunity – Use IT spend intelligence to accurately gauge the potential revenue from a territory to ensure equality and efficiency in your plans.

Equinix Uses Technographics to Achieve Aggressive Sales Growth

“Using detailed account strategy plans with IT spend and tech intelligence from HG Data allows us to engage with prospects and customers strategically so we can have more consultative conversations, get into accounts sooner and establish a larger footprint within our chosen accounts.”

Heidi Fischer, Senior Market Development Manager | Equinix

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