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ROI Analysis: Customer Validation of HG Insights

ROI Analysis of HG Insights

Download ROI Analysis of HG Insights!

After reviewing feedback from hundreds of users, analyst firm GTM Partners have validated HG Insights’ primary value propositions with the publication of an in-depth ROI analysis. Take the first step in prioritizing your Go-to-Market (GTM) resources by downloading this crucial independent assessment of HG’s Technology Intelligence!

According to GTM Partners, “Many key GTM roles will find value in the data provided by HG Insights. The team responsible for territory management and account strategies, the demand generation team and the sales team will all find components of the solution that will improve their revenue generation efficiency. Strategy and product teams can also leverage the insights provided by HG to prioritize their activities, ensuring their organizations are focused on those opportunities that represent the greatest value. HG Insights also helps an organization get more value out of their existing GTM technology stack spanning Sales, Rev Ops, Marketing Ops, and Demand Generation.”

Customer Validation

GTM Partners confirm “customers see material ROI over prior approaches after implementing HG Insights.” Users told GTM Partners that HG’s Technology Intelligence:

  • Shows where to invest for growth
  • Provides intelligence for disruptor campaigns
  • Maps out the ICP and TAM/TRM
  • Enables data-driven sales playbooks
  • Identifies and enriches best-fit accounts
  • Offers in-depth usage and spend data for cloud technologies
  • Easily integrates with CRM for sales activation

“Go-To-Market teams find value in the data provided by HG Insights. It delivers a much needed view of markets for sales and marketing teams to bridge the gap between account strategy and execution. HG continues to provide some of the highest quality Technology Intelligence data in today’s market,” said Sangram Vajre, CEO & Founder, GTM Partners.

Download the Full ROI Analysis Now!

Download this independent validation of HG Insights and see why our customer say HG “is the foundation for planning Go-To-Market motions” and “is the backbone of revenue decisions, strategies and operations.”

Download ROI Analysis

About GTM Partners

GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-To-Market analyst firm helps organizations and GTM vendors to achieve efficient growth by transforming their GTM strategy. The firm works with high-growth companies to help them unify their GTM teams and to provide them with lasting strategies and frameworks.

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