TAM & Market Analysis

Redefine your Total Addressable Market

Accurately sizing your Total Addressable Market (TAM) is critical for growth, and HG Insights’ unique intelligence allows companies to analyze and identify the markets with the most potential value.

Expand and accelerate opportunities

  • See the big picture – A referential set of data means you have an organized view of how markets operate, and how much opportunity exists within them. Identify potential partners by seeing which solutions are prevalent in your territories.
  • Understand your competition – build profiles of your competitor’s installed base so you can better formulate strategies and battle plans.
  • Find global opportunity – With global data coverage you can identify and explore opportunity wherever it exists to drive more revenue and grow faster.
  • Turn budget into revenue – The largest and most accurate IT spend intelligence means you can focus on the markets with the largest budgets, and the greatest potential revenue.

Zendesk Uses Technographics to Attract New Customers & Beat the Competition

“HG Data has helped our team identify accounts using products from our competitors and build lists for targeted campaigns. HG Data Technographics had the strongest coverage of new net accounts in our category. We were able to 3x our number of contacts and launch competitive marketing programs at scale.”

Brianne Kimmel, Growth Marketing Manager | Zendesk

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