Insights to Expand Your Total Addressable Market

HG Insights’ unique intelligence allows companies to analyze and identify the markets with the most revenue and growth potential.
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See The Bigger Picture

Our unique referrential entity set enables strategy teams to analyze and understand complex competitive, technology, and financial dynamics of markets across the globe.

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Understand Your Competition

Gain valuable insights into your competitors’ installed base and analyze the markets where there is displacement potential. Identify potential partners by seeing which complementary solutions are prevalent across global markets.

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“The level of detail we’re able to get from HG Insights’ business intelligence allows us to quickly find prospects matching our ideal customer profile so that we can focus our sales outreach on the accounts that are going to drive the most growth…”

– Rob Dumbleton, CEO | 27Partners


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Turn Budget Into Revenue

Develop data-driven strategies that ensure proper resource allocation based on revenue potential. Increase productivity by identifying best fit products and messaging for better aligned sales and marketing campaigns.

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Find Global Opportunity

Quickly identify and size the revenue potential of global markets based on the relevant budgets and technology profiles of the companies they are comprised of. Prioritize and align your sales and marketing efforts to drive alignment and efficiency.

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Full Funnel Solutions

Our full suite of solutions allows you to integrate technology intelligence at any stage in your customer journey.

HG Insights Platform

The HG Insights platform provides an unprecedented view into global industries, markets, and companies allowing you to identify the most valuable opportunities and build strategies to maximize your revenue and accelerate growth.

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HG Universe

Access the raw data that powers HG Insights’ innovative products with our HG Universe offering. Used by data science and strategy teams at some of the world’s most successful enterprises.

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Insights That Fuel Growth

Utilize world-class Technology Intelligence to build world-class processes.

Ideal Customer Profiling

Use IT spend and technology purchase behavior to analyze your top customers and better define and refine your ICP.

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Sales Territory Optimization

Ensure that your account executives target the prospects with the highest propensity to buy.

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Account Scoring & Prioritization

Bring clarity and focus to your ABM programs by targeting and prioritizing the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy.

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Ready to Expand Your TAM?

See how HG Insights’ customers are using technology intelligence to identify opportunities and accelerate growth.

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