HG Audience

Hyper-targeted B2B audience segments for digital display and social campaigns

Essential ad campaign objectives require specialized audience tactics

Whether you’re working to increase lead generation, generate brand awareness, or grow prospect and customer engagement, our specialized audience segments put your ideal customers within precise reach.

Advertise to the right teams

With HG Audience you can use our comprehensive company intelligence to quickly create custom audience segments for digital advertising. We also make it easy to deliver these segments directly into leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), and social platforms so you can get your message in front of the right decision makers for a more targeted and rewarding ad spend.

How to use HG Audience

  • Competitive Takeout: target your ads to your competitor’s customers directly, showing them how you can and should displace them with your own offering.
  • Interoperability: advertise display ads to companies using products that are interoperable with yours, highlighting how you easily integrate and enhance their installed existing solution.
  • ABM: activate your own named account lists through our process and widespread integrations for specialized Display and Social account-based campaigns.
  • Industry Segmentation: go beyond traditional firmographics with technographic categories of industry-specific past purchases.
  • Budget Targeting: address decision makers at companies that have ideal budgets sized right for your products and services.
  • Initiatives and Priorities: home in on organizations with activity, future plans, and general interest in the projects and operations that benefit the most from your offering or align thematically with your campaigns.

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