HG Insights for
Financial Services

Insights for Intelligent Investment

Deal Sourcing

  • Identify new and emerging vendors by tracking customer acquisition metrics over time
  • Understand the customer makeup in which your target is competing
  • Ability to request new target companies for deal flow
  • Discover new market dynamics across competitive vendors
  • Create thematic sourcing strategies beyond customer relationships

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HG Insights for Intelligent Investment
HGi due diligance

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Quickly identify current and former customers to survey and interview
  • Generate market maps by discovering customer profiles and competitive positioning
  • Understand the makeup of a potential target’s customer base and exposure to disruption
  • Create a bottom up TAM analysis in order to vet and justify the targets valuation

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Investing and Market Research

  • Understand your holdings’ customer base and competitive positioning on a global basis
  • Monitor and benchmark competitors acquisition and growth metrics
  • Determine your holdings’ TAM analysis and market map
  • Analyze technology vendor adoption trends for all markets and segments

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HG Insights for Investing and Market Research

Portfolio Operations

  • Leverage sales and marketing insights across portfolio companies to accelerate growth strategies
  • Generate TAM reports on demand
  • Build Ideal Customer Profiles for Account Based Marketing programs
  • Identify competitors’ customer base for takeaway programs


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