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HG Cloud Consumption

HG Cloud Consumption is designed to give you a comprehensive look at how a company is consuming and spending on the cloud. We work directly with you to provide the insights that accelerate your Go-to-Market motions.

HG Cloud Consumption data delivers insights into:

  • Monthly estimated spends for IaaS and PaaS products such as cloud hosting, CDN, and more
  • A company’s global cloud and on-prem footprint, from applications to physical addresses, so you can connect the digital and physical worlds
  • Cloud spend, cloud maturity, cloud consumption, cloud workload, and cloud footprint — not just what they’re using, but what it’s used for

Resulting In:

  • More granular account prioritization
  • Target and segment accounts based on cloud or data center investment in a specific location
  • Target and segment accounts based on where a company’s application traffic is located
  • A view into cloud product penetration vs. competitors

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HG Cloud Consumption provides powerful insights on cloud products used by companies, enabling you to make better business decisions and craft a hyper-targeted approach. Whether you are trying to decide which companies will be the best fit for your product or solution, uncover new business opportunities, or simply provide your teams with better data, HG Cloud Consumption will give a boost to your targeting and sales outcomes.

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